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Southmold factory gross building area is 16,650m2

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Ningbo SouthMold & Plastic Co.,LTD. founded in 1996, located at Ningbo, China, the transportation is very convenient, just 5km from Ningbo airport and 3 km from Ningbo train station, only 20km to the International port—Ningbo Beilun port.

We are a leading automotive mould-maker and manufacture small (<10T) to large size (10T- 60T) automotive molds for our customers (OEM&TIER1) in Europe, Asia & America such as Ford, PSA, Daimler, BMW, Audi, VW, GM, Renault, Nissan, Faurecia, Visteon, IAC, etc.

After 18 years development, Southmold already established a professional and combat-worthy team, till to end of 2013, the total employees about 315, RD and design team over 40, toolmaker is over 65, especially included 10 Senior Designer, over 10 senior technicians, and 1 sales manager from America. We built the complete ERP system and passed ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 quality management system.

Southmold factory gross building area is 16,650m2, last 3 years we Invested 160 million USD to import advanced equipments and decorated the workshop & office step by step. We possess 25 sets CNC included 5Axes & 4Axes CNC, 11 sets EDM, 9 sets IMM from 120T to 3300T. We are professional in interior and exterior just Bumper, Grille, Instrument Panel, Door Panel, console, ABC pillars, etc. Southmold technological superiority at bumper invisible parting line technology, Mucell applied at IP, gas assisted at DP, big 2K molds, and so on.

Southmold base on “high quality, competitive price, international service, keeping improvement”, we are building a world-class automotive injection mold maker.

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