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2016 or future hardware industry will usher in five new transition

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Although China has nearly 6000 hardware tools production enterprise, but still it is not strong, the historical evolution, the world hardware tools production industry resume the country from the West to Japan, India, the transfer process, from Japan, India, China moved to coastal Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other regions, most of Chinese hardware and tools business is still based on a crude profiling export processing business based, or for the United States, Japan and many other large sales by OEM.
    China hardware tools actively explore the property, also gives a new future direction of industrial development of hardware tools, hardware tools compared to the current situation growing international property and property of Chinese hardware tools, hardware tools industry will face follow the market, participate in international cooperation, Alignment of the world of our ancestors, actively mediate product layout, expand cooperation in space, is the growth of China's hardware tools.
    Hardware tool industry is facing five changes
    1. To change the current hardware profiling tool crude production mode, the transition to the current Shanghai boutique hardware tools enterprises produced products are greatly look old face, rough machining, low level, high energy consumption, most of the enterprises to adopt carbon information as steel production base metal tools. Product profits 810 percent or so, a wire cutters, a wrench profits just a few corner a bit, selling price is only 10 yuan, while raw materials abroad hardware tools used to produce the product of chrome vanadium alloy steel-based, production Hardware tools boutique prices are 100 yuan or so, the difference is 10 times, which is the position where the majority of Shanghai foundation will not equal, and domestic and foreign trade, manufacturing industry ancestors are waiting for higher secondary product.
    2. To change the current face look old hardware tools products, independent innovation to change our hardware tools product with the vast room to grow, with reported resistance to the US Andean Aung Tool Company production of a business marketing more than 3,000 hardware and tools have all sorts of categories, tens of thousands specifications, equivalent to six times the sum of the product of the tool, so do not stare at the old products and old, old face look, thought to be open. If there is not a big break on the type and format, just the helpless comply with the international and domestic market requirements, product type and quantity of hardware tools have greatly added, should increase the degree of opening up new products, hardware and tools products make up the vacancy point, hardware industry in order to have a new vitality. This aspect Danaher Tool (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Evergreen Electrical Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Horse Pneumatic Tool Co., Ltd., on the Hayward Shi gardening company limited the forefront, a new product every year, every year there is growth.
    3. To change traditional sales model to collect contemporary sales change
    Established contemporary marketing system, to be extended seven, one to the domestic first-class trading will, first-class hardware city extended so that it becomes a comprehensive product show, exchange, competition platform. Hardware Tools price Table II is to extend to the international target object, preferential policies to attract more overseas merchants. The third is to extend the physical market, the progressive realization of e-commerce Netease longer established online market. Fourth, to extend distribution market. Fifth, to extend the market chain, around the world in support of the same name, the same logo, the same sub-market distribution chain. Sixth, with the direction of extension of the property. Seven is set up marketing agency in other cities, making the product to the forefront of other towns.
    4. To implement the brand strategy change
    Mould industry well-known brand marketing expert Luo Baihui that, companies should support the development of brand planning, increase technological innovation and technology reelection investment, improve product quality, to specialized, sophisticated, special, new brand direction of growth, in order to attract market attention force for the treasure of the war, among the top brands of forest industry was born.
    5. To change the current hardware tools production enterprises alone signs, take the combination of competitive brands
    At the moment China's industrial growth crescent day different, hardware and tools to keep up with the growth of the property, in order to meet the different sectors of the growing demand for Japanese crescent, like the world of brands, the best combination of production enterprises, the production of superior products, China hardware tools brand with annual increments of 30%, last year Collectibles Hardware Hardware tools alliance of Prime Exhibitor Shanghai shipbuilding industry, the international exhibition mold industry is definitely a good situation.
    China is in the period after the economic turnaround, hardware and tools industry growth also face mediation. Let's confidence, Britain at the end of 30 years of growth, just to the scientific concept of development as a collar, to accelerate growth and change layout style mediation, managing growth opportunities in good times, the hardware industry faces the inevitable touch new look.

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